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The turning of the Fagus!

Not only is Nothofagus gunnii the only deciduous tree on the island, it is endemic too! This means it...

The End of Southward Journal as we know it!

You may have noticed that there ain't much going on at Southward Journal lately. This is because Southward Journal...

New larapuna Patch!

  We're stoked to announce the launch of our newest patch! larapuna is the Aboriginal name for the area of Tasmania'...

5 Books with James Hattam

Conservation ecologist James Hattam walks us through his top five favourite books. 

Tasmania – a global refuge, a global destination

Despite the crowds brought in by Tassie’s recent tourism boom, Tasmania is a destination for more than just humans... learn of the pines, go to the pines.

Liam Briginshaw wanders past the shufflin' orchids to visit the pines.

Tasmania 2121 – A New Vision

How exactly did Tasmania go from being a sleepy little island at the end of the world to a global tourist attraction?

Dots in the Dark - Wild and Rare

Take a walk with Jamie Kirkpatrick to discover the rare wonders of Tasmania's alpine regions.

Mt Geryon

Mt Geryon patch available now! - Bert Spinks muses on this mighty mountain and the mythical beast that shares it's name.

Film - The West Wind

A short film exploring the human connection with Tasmania's great western wilderness, with footage from Andy Szollosi...

What's On - October 2019

Stay up to date on all sorts of conservation and nature based events, rallies, petitions, news and campaigns!

Jewel of the South-West Wilderness

“The loss of the original Lake Pedder is one of Tasmanian folklore... To a younger generation, a myth almost forgotten."
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