BryoFlip: Life-Sized Guide to the Common Mosses and Liverworts of Tasmania

BryoFlip: Life-Sized Guide to the Common Mosses and Liverworts of Tasmania

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Learn More About Tassie's Mosses and Liverworts!

Ever wanted to know more about the mosses that cover so much of the forests we walk in? You can now grab a BryoFlip to learn more about these amazing plants that grow in lutruwita/Tasmania! The BryoFlip folds out into a pictorial guide with life-size photographs of Tassie’s mosses and liverworts to help you understand and recognise their most identifiable features. So, next time you're heading on a bushwalk, take your ByroFlip to uncover some fascinating plants hiding in plain sight!

Your Own Mossy Field Guide

All the Flips come fully laminated to withstand rugged bushwalking and Tassie’s all-weather conditions. The BryoFlip condenses into the size of a standard folded map that can fit into backpacks, jacket pockets, and the hands of little helpers. 

Use the BryoFlip’s life-size reference photos to identify over 50 common mosses and liverworts found in Tasmania. 

Help Us Keep Tasmania Wild

Add the BryoFlip to your growing Flip collection. Trust us, once you’ve got one, you’ll be back for more. 50% of our profits are donated to Tassie environmental organisations fighting for nature, and by grabbing a BryoFlip, you can join that fight!

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