EDO Tasmania

EDO Tasmania is a community legal service providing free information and advice to individuals and groups throughout Tasmania. We can assist with a range of environmental and planning matters, including forestry, development activities, coastal protection, water management, marine farming, mining, climate change adaptation and the protection of cultural heritage.EDO Devil

Our aim is to improve awareness of rights and responsibilities regarding resource management, and to help the community to secure better, long-term environmental outcomes.

EDO Tasmania provides a free fortnightly Bulletin continuing updates on changes to environmental law and policy, opportunities for public comment, and upcoming events. It's free to receive, and you can opt out anytime. To subscribe, click here.

We rely on public support to continue to use the law to help protect the places that are important to you. Please make a tax-deductible donation to help us with this work.

Website - www.edotas.org.au

Email - edotas@edotas.org.au

Tel - (03) 6223 2770

Facebook - facebook.com/EDOTasmania

Twitter - @EDOtas

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