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Welcome to Keep Tassie Wild's home for nature writing.

New 'Fight for Nature' caps!

We're stoked to introduce our brand new Fight for Nature 5 panel caps! A call to arms for all those who care about ou...


Tasmanian writer and storyteller Bert Spinks reflects on the mystical qualities of The Walls, and what we have to lose.


A quick catch up with Nick Green before his one night only solo exhibition at Good Grief, Hobart.

Next Iconic Walk – How did the Tyndalls get chosen?

An update from the Tasmanian National Parks Association on the announcement of Tassie's "Next Iconic Walk".

Saving Martha

Patagonia joins the locals in fighting for a fish farm free King Island. Watch Saving Martha now.

What's On - August 2019

Stay up to date on all sorts of conservation and nature based events, petitions, news and campaigns!

Nature Nerd Field Guides - Cushion Plants

Not a cushion for the couch…


Andy Szollosi ventures southward to discover the impacts of last summer's wild fires.

The Battlements of Cape Raoul

Ben Walter investigates the destruction of Cape Raoul's stunning dolerite cliffs by trigger happy navy crews.

Interview - Andy Szollosi

Tom Wolff sits down with Andy Szollosi to talk about Winter on the Blade and the fight to protect Tassie's wild places.

Nature Nerd Field Guides - Dolerite

There are so many things that make Tasmania special. But would any of us single out a rock?

Interview - Josh Pringle

In Southward Journal's first interview Tom Wolff catches up with founder and co-owner of Keep Tassie Wild, Josh Pringle.
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